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Join us at one of our events (face to face or virtual) where we showcase all the things that we are passionate about. Come and join us for anything and everything, food, and wine. Cook, drink, learn, laugh, eat and enjoy an unforgettable evening. For all our classes, we get experts in their field to present and share their stories.

Cooking – Learn how to make ramen? What ingredients do I need for a good stock or sauce? Cooking tasty vegan dishes? Are my kids eating healthy? Are you an absolute beginner and looking for people who also want to learn how to cook from scratch?

Examples of some of the events coming your way:

  • Cooking for Yom Tov/Xmas.
  • Cooking productively – a meal planning system for beginners.
  • Meal planning – build a perfect meal plan for health, wellness & training.
  • Making pasta, the real Italian way.
  • Make-ahead breakfasts that will change your day.
  • Entertaining on a budget.
  • Know yo’ dough – baking tools, tips & techniques.
  • How to make macarons.
  • Going gluten-free.
  • Meet the wine farmers.
  • Cheese and wine tasting.
  • Various cheese classes: soft & smelly cheese/goats’ cheese /Alpine/Italian/French/UK.
  • Everything chilli.
  • Easy home fermenting, preserving vegetables with healthy probiotics. Make your own kimchi.
  • Craft beers – meet the brewers.
  • The magic of olive oil
  • Introduction to Tea – learn about tea – where it’s from, how it’s made, get to know the difference between Indian, Chinese & Japanese tea.
  • Chocolate – cocoa from around the world.
  • Coffee – from plant to cup: brew an amazing cup of coffee.

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Community Partners

Throughout The Gourmet Grocer & Cafe’s evolution, a sense of community has always been a part of its core values. Contributing to our local communities is an integral part of the culture of the Gourmet Grocer. We value our local community of Birdhaven and Melrose Arch who have been incredibly supportive of our businesses; especially the last couple of years during Covid.

We are committed to being a good neighbour in our community. That’s why we’re working with customers like you to help our communities thrive. Your support allows us to give more and do more to improve lives and make a positive contribution. Thank you for helping us make a difference.

Together, we’re helping many communities grow stronger.  From supporting NPOs to providing humanitarian relief, we’re stepping up to build better communities. 

At The Gourmet Grocer & Cafe, we believe that engaging with the community is a two-way street. Beyond making and selling great meals, bread, groceries, and tarts, we do our little bit of good for the world around us too.

Local Sponsorships

We support community celebrations, schools, and faith-based organizations that provide humanitarian support; among others. Whether it’s through a gift card donation or a sponsorship opportunity, we’re eager to lend a hand.

The two main charities that we partner with are the Angel Network and Lending Hands.

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